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County Hall goes Green

Ventures at County Hall continue to innovate. Always keen to be green, in recent months we have experimented with growing vegetables in unoccupied areas of the building from the sub-basement all the way up to the rooftop, where we're succeeding with a variety of cold weather-tolerant rice from northern Japan.

Tomato on Terrace

Down in the sub-basement, where the temperature is fairly constant throughout the year, no heating is required for growing common vegetables such as pak choi and tomatoes. Artificial LED lighting provides the only light source, while an aeroponics growing system was installed to facilitate fast growth with little waste.

aeroponic grown vegetable

We look forward to many more green ventures at County Hall in future. Solar voltaic panels and wind turbine are potential energy sources for firing 'green' pottery and could even be used to power the LED light for hydroponic vegetable production.

Watch this green space!