• The River & Canoe Men. Are you going to Scarborough Fair ???

  • From New Schindler's List

  • East Meet West up in the Sky of PARIS. Merci a Musee Guimet !!

  • East Meet West up in the Sky of PARIS. Merci a Musee Guimet !!

  • East Meet West up in the Sky of PARIS. Merci a Musee Guimet !!

  • Too many tourists !! Why can't we walk over the River ???

  • West Meet East - ZEN Bamboo in the Soil of Normandie/Normandy

  • Boris is now back, together with his young Panda friend, in London from CHINA. The Chairman of CHINA,
    Xi Jing Ping, may be a bit upset.......

  • Green Concert

  • Great Britain & EUROPA

  • Rhapsodies, the River Thames, began last night and will continue to be played every night

  • Easter coming !

  • Vegetarians can kill meat eaters

  • Where is Boris ???


  • SUSHI Restaurant by the Largest Lake, Lac Leman, in Western Europe

  • New Arts Gallery will be opened at the County Hall very soon

  • West meet East every day in the middle of PARIS

  • We do need "Hand Made" foods & drinks !!!

  • Rhapsodies, the River Thames - Spring Night

  • They missed a flight back to USA

  • Evergreen rising in the darkness

  • Fascinated by Mother Nature

  • County Hall China Mascot Character made from the River Thames' Clay

  • Back to Tradition

  • West Meet East (KOKESHI - girls in KIMONO) for the Children

  • Spring is here !

  • New Age of Big Character Mascots

  • Have a cup of tea with your "own" hand made cup baked at the County Hall !

  • Is this the future of our Planet EARTH ???

  • A Paris Street Classic PIANIST, who carries his piano everywhere on this Planet EARTH

  • French Evolution - Snowing even under the water in Paris !!! Fish enjoy it

  • French Revolution at Paris Aquarium - Fish fly up in the air, not swimming in tanks any longer !!!

  • Ciel de Paris - London's Twin City

  • SPAIN & Europa rise again like a Phoenix

  • CHINA - Old but NEW

  • Hasn't changed since 600 years ago

  • Flower by ZEN

  • New ZEN Style Restaurant at the County Hall

  • East Meet West in ZEN Style Winter

  • ZEN & Tea

  • Regardless of so much snowing, Global Warming is still advancing. Don't be confused !

  • East Meet West

  • SOCHI Winter Olympic Games BEGIN !

  • 5 different "River Thames Otter" characters. Which one do you like best ???

  • A new fresh home made bakery cafe is now opened at the County Hall

  • A new fresh home made bakery cafe is now opened at the County Hall

  • Le seul moyen de se debarrasser d'une tentation, c'est d'y succomber - Oscar Wilde

  • New Vegetarian Restaurant at the County Hall

  • ZEN & Peace at Dawn

  • A big English Tale at a bakery in a small Far Eastern city

  • Ice Age Coming Now

  • West Meet East at a Snow Covered ZEN Rock Garden

  • Toby, the Otter is now travelling to the London County Hall from the Pacific

  • We love EUROPE !

  • Why don't you come & have a fresh cup of Green Tea with a ZEN Master at the London County Hall ?

  • A New Tale of Tour Eiffel & London Eye Begins at the County Hall

  • What a clean, peaceful, delicious, friendly partnership between fresh homemade Dumplings (CHINA) and BENTO (Far Eastern Archipelago)

  • C'est l'Europe


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